Transportation Services:

We provide door to door services for our clientele.  Our drivers are fully trained in passenger awareness because our clientele experiences varying degrees of physical disabilities:, i.e., Ambulatory , Semi-Ambulatory, and Non-Ambulatory, Impaired Vision, Hearing Loss, as well as  Cognitive Disabilities  such as Alzheimer’s , Dementia, varying degrees of retardation and Speech disabilities,  and also Hidden Disabilities i.e.,: Cardiovascular disease, Respiratory Disease, Kidney Disease. Drivers are trained to identify characteristics associated with person with varying degrees special needs,  techniques for handling aggressive behavior, communicating with persons with hearing loss, and assisting persons with loss of visions.


All driver trainees are also provided with specific guidelines for properly securing different wheelchair types (standard, scooter, electric, etc.) in our vehicles.


Behind-the wheel training focuses on manifest operation using smart phones, proper vehicle pre-trip inspection, proper wheelchair lift operation, general vehicle operations,  proper wheelchair securement, passenger assistance boarding and unloading, use of  mirrors, signals, and defensive driving evaluation.


Customer Service:

Customer Service - Impeccable customer service for special needs client is imperative.  It is our intention to provide our clients with the best service possible.  We do so by employing caring professionals in all aspects of our business.  Everyone within our organization is responsible for friendly, safe and effective customer service.

We are providerS of paratransit services for clients with special needs in WIsconsin.


Able Access Transportation LLC


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